Thursday, April 2, 2009

Photoshop Actions~Part Two

Here is another sampling of Photoshop Actions. This group was found here.

The Original

Lovely & Ethereal

Fresh & Colorful


Black & White Beauty

PW Black & White


Soft & Faded

Define & Sharpen

Slight Lighten

Quick Edge Blur


Leslie said...

Oh My GOD .... do you have two of the most beautiful faces to kiss everyday!!!!! Can't wait to see you on Sunday!!!

Lauren said...

I have two versions of photoshop on my computer, elements and ps7. I know these sets will only work with the full version, but when I click on the set it automatically tries to open up elements...any suggestions?!

katie said...

I have Photoshop CS & had to download a trial of CS4 to get them to run the way they are supposed to.
I don't have Elements, so this isn't happening for me.
Do you use a mac? Try ctrl+clicking on the download & go to "open with".

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