Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kitchen Tool of the Week...

Mixing Bowls.

My sister, Emily told me that I needed to add these to a Kitchen Tool of the Week post. I was planning on doing it anyway, because I use my set all the time. But, mine are stainless steel & are not a set, but just a random bunch I have collected over the years...mostly, from my MIL.
I have been using her set for the past few days & I really like them. She got them here.
Even when I am not blogging, I always prepare the ingredients I need for a recipe before I actually start cooking. Having everything in it's place, or mise en place, is a great way to avoid mistakes....like realizing you forgot to mince the ginger for the soup, when it's too late.


Lauren said...

But even when you do due diligence and prepare the ingredients you're still not out of the woods! My mom and I made a lemon meringue pie last week and it tasted a bit...sweet...it was only then that we realized the lemon juice was still sitting on the counter in its little glass bowl! By the time we did it was too late - it was more like lemon meringue soup. Still tasted good, though :)

katie said...

yup :) that happens too!

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