Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bozo Pic of the Week...

Happy 9th Birthday!
My husband and older son were away at a hockey tournament on Mother's Day weekend this year. They got home in the early afternoon, so we were able to do some Mother's Day activities later in the day, but in the early hours...more specifically, the breakfast hours, I was home alone with my little guy. We hadn't discussed what we'd do that morning ahead of time, but I was aware that he was very anxious to give me the homemade gifts he had made for me.
I expected to be woken up with some clumsily wrapped presents, but never expected he would wake me with a gorgeous "breakfast in bed" platter he created himself. Orange juice, coffee with half and half {just the way I like it}, a sliced apple, and a toasted corn muffin with butter and raspberry jam. He explained that he couldn't make me anything "hard to make" but he did the best he knew how to do. I was blown away, and of course immediately started crying. I told him it was the sweetest thing anyone could do for me!
Breakfast in Bed
Today is his 9th birthday and I knew that I wanted to make him a equally thoughtful breakfast in he got his favorites...a 1/2 pound of bacon and pancakes. Being a second child {and soon to be middle child} he relishes attention more than my older son ever did. He loved every second of being a king for a day on his birthday, and I was happy to spoil him silly. I can't believe my baby is nine...and even though he told me that soon he wasn't going to be my baby anymore, I told him that because he was my baby for nine years, he always would be.
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