Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
My brother-in-law had to work today, so we hosted an Easter dinner on Saturday this year, and for the first time in longer than I can remember, we don't have to be anywhere, or host anything today. What a treat! I'm thinking this is the way it should always be, because starting a school/work week the day after a holiday can be a challenge. In my mind, all holidays should have at least one "recovery" day afterwards.
The baskets from the Easter Bunny have been ripped apart and the board game playing has begun, so I'm off to enjoy a lazy day with the family. I hope that whatever you have going on today, you have an enjoyable Spring day doing something you love. Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Farro & Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate and Fennel

Farro & Quinoa Salad with Pomegranate and Fennel
My pregnancy food cravings this time around have run the gamut -- everything from the stereotypical pickles and ice cream {not at the same time} to sweets and chocolate milk. But I've also been craving healthy foods too. In particular, green vegetables {spinach, broccoli, or edamame} and anything tart and tangy {barely sweetened kefir, granny smith apples, and pomegranate seeds} have been topping the list.
It's a challenge some days to eat as healthy as I would like because there isn't always time to cook. But that's what makes salads such as this one a great option. It can be made ahead of time and at the ready whenever the urge strikes - and it makes a great packed lunch too. I had been on the lookout for some wholesome and substantial salad options when I found this recipe within the pages of a recent Williams Sonoma catalog {believe it or not, it's actually a great place to find recipes!} and knew I would love the combination of fennel and pomegranate.
Whisk Chop Serve
However, as much as I try to love quinoa, I'm not the biggest fan of it on it's own. I like grains with more texture and chew, and because of that I find quinoa to be a bit wimpy on it's own {unless you're eating it as a breakfast cereal}. But paired with a grain like farro, it's a different story.
If you're not familiar with farro, it's the Italian name for the grain, emmer wheat - which is quite similar to the more commonly used wheat berry, or kamut. All are varieties of hard wheat with different names because of the region they're grown in, or the type of wheat plant they're harvested from. But I find them interchangeable in most applications, so if you have a hard time locating farro, feel free to substitute wheat berries.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Baby Makes Five...

It's a Baby!
As promised, I'm finally updating you all on what's been keeping me from this blog...and it's a BABY! This news may come as a surprise to some of you, especially those of you who know me well and are aware that I have two boys {one of whom is 11 years old and the other who's almost 8}, and that to the best of my knowledge my baby making days were over.
And as far as I knew, they were. But that wasn't always the case -- after my second son was born I thought for sure I'd have a third child. I came from a large family and always pictured myself with a house full of kids someday. But as the years passed by and no baby came, I settled into my routine as a mom of two and accepted that a small family might be what was meant for me. We live in a small home, not nearly big enough just big enough for us and once both of my kids reached school age I realized what all the fuss was about when more experienced parents told me that children were expensive! I figured with two kids we could do more for them and more as a family that we could with a bigger brood. Plus, I was finally getting a taste of freedom after years of chasing toddlers around the house!