Monday, April 21, 2014

8 months

Sophia 8 months old
Every time I sit down with Sophia for a photo shoot I take at least a hundred photos. Mostly, I'm lucky to get one true "money shot". Something that's in focus {babies move around a lot!}, where she has her eyes open, and she isn't making some crazy face. This time around, she posed like a pro, and I had literally dozens of money shots. So many that I couldn't decide which one to use for her 8 month photo. In the end, I decided on the handful you see here.
When she was six months old she was hospitalized for RSV, and one thing we learned from her dreary stay there was that she looks absolutely precious in the color peach...which happened to be the color of her hospital gown. I bought her the spring dress she's wearing in these photos knowing that she would look adorable in it. It's been too cold to wear it outdoors yet, but I loved trying it on her for these photos. Have I mentioned how much fun it is having a girl yet?!
Her eighth month has brought many changes along with it. The biggest one is that she's now officially crawling! I started writing this post a week ago, but had to edit out the part where I mentioned she hasn't gotten very far with her new skill yet, because as of this morning, she's off to the races! Life as I knew it with a stationary baby is OVER.
Sophia Collage