Wednesday, February 12, 2014

6 months

Sophia 6 months
Once again, I'm terribly late posting this. For the past week the nags from family have gotten loud enough to get me rolling. "Where's Sophia's 6 month picture?" is all I've been hearing about! I can't blame them though. If I didn't get to see her every day, I'd be begging too! In fact, I can barely stand being away from her for even an hour. She's a little ball of sunshine that lights up everyone's world. I don't think I've ever met a more happy child.
But it's been a very chaotic month, and her happy disposition was put to the test when she spent a recent long weekend in the hospital with RSV {a.k.a. a very nasty chest cold}. Unfortunately, her sixth month birthday included being hooked up to a bunch of tubes. It was a very scary experience for all of us, but she was such a trooper! She barely cried and smiled at every nurse and doctor she met, even when they were coming to poke and prod her.
Since then, she's made a full recovery and has had many fun adventures. We started solid foods this month, which has been an at times, funny, and others, frustrating experience. She does not care for pureed foods yet, and much prefers eating tiny bits of "big people" food. Like I did with my boys, I've been trying to make some homemade baby food with mixed results, but I'm determined to have another child who loves a wide range of foods, so I'll keep at it!
In the world of physical milestones, she's shown absolutely no desire whatsoever to crawl. Both my boys were crawling by 7 months old, but I can tell you right now, that won't be happening with Sophia. She is perfectly content sitting up, watching the world go by around her, and chewing on whatever it is she's managed to get her hands on. But who can blame her with two big brothers who do everything for her?
She's also traded in long naps for sleeping through the night. Which is wonderful on one hand, because now I can get a full nights sleep as well, but the lack of daytime sleeping has left me little time to accomplish anything. It's been a whirlwind, but I also know how quickly time flies, so I'm just soaking it all in! I know the day will come when the laundry will get done.


Lauren Brown said...

Ok, I seriously want to steal her. What a doll. Give her kisses from her Aunt La La.

TheHappyStamper said...

Katie, she is THE most beautiful baby girl! Oh my gosh! If you ever need a sitter, well, just give me plenty of notice so I can get to you from Central Texas! :) God certainly blessed your family!

Anonymous said...

"Jeepers Creepers Where'd you get those peepers?!"
Thanks for sharing. Not being a mum yet, I like hearing stories like this - especially the acknowledgement that all kids are different, and that stuff happens when it happens. Don't worry about the laundry!

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