Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big Green Truck

This afternoon the family & I had an amazing, magical time at an Easter party & egg hunt, hosted by our family friend, Leslie. She lives in a magnificent house, which the Bozos have dubbed, "the castle". And her property is equally beautiful...a perfect wonderland for kids to explore.

For lunch she had a traveling pizzeria, called the Big Green Truck.
Their business is based in New Haven, Connecticut...which is a city famous for it's brick oven, thin crust pizza. As a kid, I remember standing in lines that wrapped around the building at Pepe's.
Their website has all the information you need, if you're interested in booking a party with them. Their rates are incredibly reasonable, considering what you get. One of the best parts being a completely unique experience.

Their little setup is run from a restored 1946 International Harvester.

The paneling on the outside of the truck, is removed & becomes the buffet tables & work station you see here.

Here is the wood-burning, brick oven that makes the pizza so darn delicious.

Their dough & sauce are homemade. As well as their toppings, which are roasted in the brick oven, giving them amazing flavor.

Their toppings were very creative. Along with the typical plain pie...they also served, fresh tomato with fresh mozzarella cheese, broccoli with goat cheese, sausage & bell peppers, caramelized onion & bacon, a meat-lover's deluxe with sausage, pepperoni & bacon,

and my personal favorite, mashed potato & bacon.

The Bozo's were really diggin' the pizza.

And if all of the above was not enough...they finish off with espresso drinks,

and 8 flavors of gelato,

which the Bozo's totally dug as well.


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