Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to TPT!

I am commemorating my 1 year anniversary (a tad belated) of having this blog, by re-posting my very first post...originally posted on April 6th, 2008.

I made this dessert platter for a Bridal Shower this weekend. Making desserts is my favorite thing.
It was my first time making some of the items & I think they came out pretty tasty.

Man, I have come a long way in a year.


thebrunettebaker said...

I guess I'll be the first to say,CONGRATS!! I love your blog. But as long as it's just the 2 of us, I must say we didn't like your enchilada recipe (sorry)& the empanadas were pretty good. Great detailed explanation on how to make those! I have a favor to ask, can you format your recipes either in printable form or put all directions together after the pics?? It's too hard to copy & paste into Word. Don't hate me for all this please :) Also, how about some recipes for those goodies you showed us on blog post #1. Thanks!

katie said...

Thanks for the congrats. Sorry about the Enchiladas :(
I am making them for Cinco de Mayo this year for friends...I hope they are not a disappointment! You should give me some feedback on how they would be better.
The recipe is from Cooks Illustrated, so blame them :)
So are the Empanadas, as a matter of fact.

As far as the printable recipes...honestly, they are not mine. Most of them are slightly adapted. But, I try things from the web & cookbooks. I don't feel comfortable re-printing someone else's stuff, even if I change it slightly.
Whenever possible, I link directly to the recipe on the web, so it can be printed.
Cooks Illustrated does not allow you to view their recipes unless you are a member, or have a subscription. But, they do have a 2 week free trial. So, I suggest joining for a few days & printing everything that interests you before canceling it...that's what I do :)

I plan on doing the pastries at some point! Promise.

Anonymous said...

wow katie those look so good I love making desserts too! The weekend looks great and i want to hang out with ya;ll. come on down sadie!!! maria

Xmastime said...

happy 1 year! :)

suzyqpatch said...

I don't care what the brunettebaker says, I still want the enchiladas for Cindo De Mayo!

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