Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oregon Trip

We just arrived home last night at 3am. My niece Sadie, has yet to be born. As of today she is 8 days past due...stubborn little thing.
The purpose of our trip was to meet her & help my sister with everything that having a new little baby entails. So, in that sense there is some disappointment. But, it was great to spend time with everyone.

I got to see my niece Penny, who I only get to see once, or twice a year. I trained her to respond to the question, "Who's your favorite?" with the answer, "Dee Dee" (Katie). I think she will actually remember who I am now & I am so thrilled about that.

My brother & my SIL also joined us, from Wyoming, for a weekend . I got to see my nephew, Nicholas, for the first time since November.

Here are the cousins together, minus Sadie. Which is sad...but, all the more reason to make another reunion happen again real soon.


Anonymous said...

glad you made it home safely. sadie is now officially a Taurus!! earthy, artistic,loving,... stubborn fiesty little bundle of joy...just like me!!I'll be 33 on the 30th. So good to see you and your amazing kids.MARIA.

LMBrown said...

We miss you already...Penny keeps saying Dee Dee and Mi....Ma!

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