Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Two of my bestie's announced to me this morning, that starting tomorrow, they are doing a 7-day detox cleanse & asked if I'd like to join them. My first thought, was hell no! But, then I thought about how terrible I've been feeling after doing nothing but eating & imbibing since Thanksgiving & decided maybe I should.
I also thought that having this blog would be a great way to document my progress, share the recipes & keep me from giving up. I'm hoping, anyway....
We'll be following the Goop cleanse. From what I have read from people who have tried it online, it's hard & the food hasn't received any high reviews. In fact some could barely stomach it. But, most of it looks super good for you & involves lots of health food...something I actually like. So, maybe I'll feel differently about it?
One of the girlfriends I'm doing it with already did the detox last New Years & liked it.
You eat small portions every few hours. Lots of smoothies & soups...things that are easy for your body to digest. No sugar, no dairy, no shellfish, no red meat, no anything processed, no fatty nuts, no condiments, no nightshades {potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant}, and no alcohol, caffeine or soda.
Am I really doing this?!
I have to admit that I doubt I can give up caffeine. But, I'll try to stick to just green tea.
Starting tomorrow folks.


suzybananas said...

Day 1...and we're off!

mamalizza said...

let's do this!

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