Thursday, January 7, 2010

Goop Detox~Day Three

Day Three! And remarkably, I'm not miserable. So far this hasn't been bad at all. Had some solid food for breakfast {oatmeal} & that was a treat. But, now that I've had my solid food for the day, it's all liquids after that. Might be a long afternoon.
Today, I will try for a new miso soup as it's on the menu for dinner tonight.
She doesn't mention portion sizes for anything. So, I am eating what I imagine a normal serving size would be.

7:00am {or upon rising}: A glass of room temperature lemon water
8:00am: Herbal Tea {for me, black coffee}
10:00am {breakfast}: Oatmeal {make with rice or almond milk instead of water so it's a bit more substantial}
11:30am: Coconut water
1:30pm {lunch}: Blueberry & Almond Smoothie
4:00pm {snack}: Cucumber, Lime & Basil Juice
6:00pm {dinner}: Super Greens Juice/Miso Soup with Watercress

I made mine with almond milk, as recommended. I added in a little bit of agave syrup to make it more palatable. I figured that would be okay since it was used in the detox chicken recipe. I also used organic steel cut oats.

Cucumber Lime Basil Juice
Serves 1

1/2 cup fresh basil
1 English cucumber, cut in half lengthwise
1/2 lime, zest & pith removed
1 apple, cut into wedges

Starting with the basil, juice everything into a glass, give a stir & enjoy.

Note: I really enjoyed this juice. I was scared to try seemed pretty weird. But, it was good!

Miso Soup with Sweet Potatoes & Bokchoy
As I mentioned in the Day Two post, I did not care for the Goop Miso Soup with Watercress!
So, today I came up with my own, using a Gourmet magazine recipe I found. Find the recipe here.
I have to say it's a lot better that the one I made yesterday. But, there is still something about miso soup that I'm just not wild about. I'm posting the recipe, in case any one else wants to try an alternative. Don't think I'll ever be making it again.
How about some chicken soup with veggies? I'd much rather have that!

Super Greens Juice
Serves 1

1 cup tightly packed kale
4 stalks celery
1 1/2 pears, cut into large pieces
1" piece of fresh ginger
1/2 lemon, zest & pith removed

Juice everything into a glass, being sure to alternate the kale with the other ingredients to help it get through the juicer easily. Give the juice a stir before drinking.

Note: I didn't have any pears on hand, so I substituted apples. I was really surprised that I didn't hate this. It's pretty spicy & gives your body a rush after drinking it...I liked that! Putting in a bit less ginger will make it less spicy, if desired.

**Several recipes in this post are from the website Goop**


Anonymous said...

Cockballs! I don't have a juicer. Can I do this without one?

katie said...

Yes you can! Go to a juice bar.

mamalizza said...

that's what i'm doing. i don't have the energy or supplies to juice but lucky for me there's a great juice bar a few blocks away. i've become a regular! my kid gets an organic lollipop every time we go:)

Anonymous said...

Do you like your miso? If not I don't see how you will ever like your soup. I get Jorinji out here on the west coast. I swear it would make a sheet of cardboard good. I could almost eat it out of the tub. I would look to the asian markets around your area and if you can get miso you like you should be OK, if not I suspect you won't like the soups that you make from it.

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