Friday, January 8, 2010

Goop Detox~Day Four

Have I really made it FOUR days?! Can't believe that I am halfway there! The weekend will be a challenge. We have tons of sports going on, which will make it difficult for me to make the time to cook & be home for mealtimes. I have to plan ahead & be prepared.
My friend, Mamalizza, who is doing the cleanse with me, is feeling great. I feel pretty good. But, not fantastic. I have been sleeping better, I definitely feel less bloated & my pants are buttoning with ease. So, that makes me happy.
Yesterday was rough. The oatmeal at breakfast was great & then doing liquids the rest of the day was hard. I really like some of the food on this plan & some of it I really don't like. If I wasn't blogging, I would probably just repeat all the things I enjoy over & over. If you haven't figured it out yet, each day involves ONE meal that's chewable {I know juice gurus suggest you actually chew fresh juices, but come on} & the rest are all liquids. Tuesday was a salad, a soup & a smoothie. Wednesday was chicken, soup & a smoothie, etc. Then, a few chewable snacks here & there.
Well, it looks like the last 2 days of the detox have a bit more real meals. I assume that's intentional & maybe meant to ease your body back into real food? Don't know. But, I sure am looking forward to it!
Today's dinner is Salmon. Which, I do love. But, with hockey for 2 1/2 hours in 2 separate towns tonight, making salmon will be a challenge. So, I might have to switch that meal out for something. Or, get my butt to the fish market & make it ahead.
7:00am {or upon rising}: A glass of room temperature lemon water
8:00am: Herbal Tea {still doing black coffee}
10:00am {breakfast}: Mango & Coconut Milk Smoothie
11:30am: Coconut water
1:30pm {lunch}: Miso Soup with Watercress
4:00pm {snack}: A handful of blueberries
6:00pm {dinner}: Steamed Salmon & Greens

Mango & Coconut Milk Smoothie
Day Four, Four Words...Nectar.Of.The.Gods.
I followed the instructions for the Day One Blueberry & Almond Milk Smoothie {minus that disgusting ProGreen stuff}, but substituted fresh chopped mango for the blueberries & coconut milk {light, unsweetened} for the almond milk. Delicious!! It's like a PiƱa Colada soup in a glass. Add some crushed ice & some Malibu rum & you've got the beginnings of a very good day. But, I didn't do that of course...still on that wagon.

Steamed Salmon & Greens
Serves 1
From Goop
You could steam the fish on a bed of anything~thinly sliced fennel, lemon, even scallions or leeks

small handful {roughly 1/4 cup} of your favorite leafy herbs {parsley, basil, chervil, tarragon, etc.}
1 6 ounce organic salmon filet
1 cup of your favorite fresh greens {kale, spinach, dandelion, chard, etc.}
1 wedge of lemon

Line your steamer with the herbs & rest the salmon filet on top. Steam for 11 minutes. Put the greens alongside the fish & steam for an additional 7 minutes. Squeeze the lemon over the fish & greens & serve.

Note: I love salmon. So, of course, I will enjoy this meal. Since I have sports stuff to shuffle around to this evening, as mentioned earlier, I made this ahead. When I get home, I will heat it up a bit & eat! I'm sure by 8pm, I'll be ravenous.
I made it out to my favorite fish market & they happened to have organic salmon....something I hardly ever see. I'm sure Gwyneth has her connections, but for us common folk, finding it might be a challenge. I recommend always buying fresh, wild caught salmon. Especially, if you plan on eating it more than once a week {which, on this plan you do}. Farm-raised salmon can have high levels of PCB's & should only be eaten in moderation, if at all. Also, always buy from a reliable source. Smell the fish, if it smells "fishy", it's not fresh. Good salmon is delicious & so good for you!

Today I skipped the Miso Soup for lunch {I think I'm officially done with Miso Soup} & opted for some Cucumber Avocado Soup, which is on the menu for tomorrow's dinner...more on that then.


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