Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kitchen Tool of the Week...

Dishwashing Gloves.

This here is the downside of cooking. I don't particularly mind doing dishes. I do, however, mind doing lots of dishes.
If I'm simply cooking dinner, I'll just toss everything in the dishwasher & call it a day. But, when if I'm doing something, hosting a party, or doing a catering job, I have to hand wash most of it.
I'll cook something & when finished, I'll need all the stuff I just used for the next thing I'm cooking.
All of this leads to some very dry skin.

People would recommend I use dish gloves. But, I used to have an aversion to the way they felt & hated wearing them.
A friend bought me a cool, retro looking pair for my birthday last summer, I started wearing them & I've loved them ever since.
They eventually wore out & I replaced them with these. I never do dishes without them now & my hands thank me.


Olivia said...

did you pose that picture of the sink? :)

katie said...

nope. everything just landed in the sink like that!
beautiful composition, isn't it?

suzyqpatch said...

beautiful gloves, beautiful hands!

kadler said...

You don't have a dishwasher?? I don't have one here in Hong Kong, and I've basically stopped cooking for that reason alone. It's awful - I'm so spoiled by modern conveniences.

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