Sunday, June 28, 2009


I recently discovered a black aphid infestation in our garden. And, along with them, several ladybug larvae walking around. I was happy to see them, as I knew they would do a job on the aphids. But, unfortunately, there didn't seem to be enough of them to handle the task.
So, we went out & bought a container of adult ladybugs from the local garden center. Since ladybugs don't fly at night, they needed to be released after dark, to avoid their natural instinct to migrate for food.
The next morning, I was eager to see if they had stuck around. I sent Max out to the garden to check on them.

He came back inside, happy to report that not only were they still there, but that one of them was giving a friend a piggyback ride!


suzybananas said...

can you make me a poster of that first pic? degorgeous!

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