Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kitchen Tool of the Week...

Meat Thermometer.

DH & I were vegetarians for many years. When we started eating meat again, we lived in a teeny, tiny Brooklyn apartment with about 8 inches of counter space. So, up until we got pregnant & moved to the burbs, we rarely cooked. Cooking meat, in particular, was something I was clueless about.
But, now we have a very carnivorous family. The Bozos could eat the meat off an entire chicken if they had the chance.
Early on, cooking any kind of meat made me very anxious. I was so worried that I was under cooking it, that I inevitably cooked it to the consistency of leather. Investing in a good meat thermometer freed me from those worries. Now, even though I don't need to rely on one as much as I use to, I pretty much always still use it.


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