Monday, May 26, 2008

Wyoming Day One

After nearly 12 hours we arrived in Jackson Hole, WY, at about 4:30pm local time. We immediately headed over to the ranch where my brother lives.

He lives in an adorable little cottage on the ranch. And works part-time as the ranch caretaker. The other half of the time he runs the deli that he owns. But, there will be more on that in the next post.

Here's a shot of his cute kitchen. All of the rooms in the cottage have huge windows with amazing views.

Like this one.

He took DH, and the Bozos out to feed the horses some treats. Here they are with *Sundance*. It's the closest to a horse that they have ever been.

Even though Miles has only met his uncle about 3, or 4 times. He latched onto him like glue.

I just can't even imagine what it would be like to look at this every day.

More tomorrow.....
The days events won't be *real time* because we are so busy. But, I plan on documenting every day.


suzyqpatch said...

whoa! dude! i'm jealous. what a view. can't wait to see more.

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