Saturday, May 3, 2008


Went into Brooklyn yesterday for a friend's baby shower. On the way out, we cruised by my old hood. Here's our old apartment. Of the taller buildings, it's the three windows on the far right, top floor. So much has changed since we left in 2001.

This *was* the corner bodega that I stole our cat, Turbo, from. Now, it's some restaurant. We didn't have those then.
No, really. We didn't.

And across the street from our old pad....a Eco-chic restaurant/flea market? A place where they run the blender on bicycle power?
They even have a photo booth? Awww, the fun times that could have been had...

There is even a Connecticut Muffin! DH & I used to have to ride the C train into Manhattan for a cup of coffee that didn't taste terrible. And with our 6" of counter space, we had no coffee maker.
I felt so cool living in Brooklyn back then. It seems that it is even cooler to live there now. Part of me really misses that place & part of me really doesn't.


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