Friday, May 30, 2008

Wyoming Day Five

On Thursday, my Dad, Stepmother, and two sisters arrived in Jackson. We all went out on a *scenic* rafting trip.
I wanted to whitewater raft, but the Bozos are too young for that.

Here they are ready to head out.

My youngest sister, Elizabeth, looked the cutest in her life jacket. The rest of us looked like turtles.

It was a nearly 2 hr. trip, and Miles did very well, considering. He actually slept for awhile...

Until we were hit with a thunderstorm. We all got soaked. But, it was fun.

Max got a chance to row for a few minutes.

And this is the closest I think any of us had been to a Bald Eagle. Not the greatest shot, but we were bouncing down a river.


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