Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Yesterday we passed an Egret, in a marsh, on our ride to school.

Miles says to me, *You know, Mommy. There are two kinds of Egrets. Regular Egrets, and Snow Egrets. Snow Egrets like the snow*

I said, *Where did you learn that from?*

He says, *My bird book*

I said, *You are so cute*

He says, *and I'm smart too*

I learned later that Snow Egrets get their name from their snowy, white feathers. Not, from a love for snow.
But, Miles is still cute & smart anyway.


LMBrown said...

Do you remember Grandma telling us about the egrets at Holly Pond? Egrets always remind me of Grandma.

katie said...

That's why I love Egrets so.

Emily said...

People have said I look like an Egret.

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