Thursday, May 29, 2008

Wyoming Day Four

Yesterday we mostly just chilled out. It was our last real day to be lazy.
The wedding craziness is officially starting.

We drove over the Teton Pass to Victor, Idaho. You drive right through the mountains. It's really beautiful. Here is a view looking down onto Jackson Hole.

We stopped at this great little gift shop in Victor, called The Emporium. They have an old fashioned soda fountain. If you ever happen to be in these parts, you should definitely have one of their butterscotch milkshakes.
Max bought himself a hat.

Then we stopped by an organic farm that is owned by a friend of my DH's, Jed. He has a bunch of cattle and makes his own manure, compost, and vermipost. It's called the Cosmic Apple Gardens.
But, he doesn't grow any apples.

He grows lots of salad greens, along with lots of other stuff, & sells them to local restaurants. He also does the Saturday Farmer's Market in Jackson Hole.

Here is a greenhouse with lots of heirloom tomatoes & basil. He says his customer's at the market get there early and line up for his tomatoes.

I think my DH is ready to go home & sell the house.


suzyqpatch said...

oh man, i think we're ready too!

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