Friday, January 27, 2012

Fresh Orange Margaritas

Arggh. I can't tell you how crazy it makes me when a whole week passes and I'm unable to post here! I won't start grumbling about how I've been sick all week - because I hate to come here and whine when really, life is good and there are plenty of people out there with much more than a cold to complain about.
I also won't start complaining that I've been so busy. Because the kind of busy I've been is good. Things are happening. The kinds of things that happen when more and more people realize I have this little blog here. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that people actually come here and like what I do. I love hearing that a recipe you found here was the best ever. I love hearing how I've influenced you in some way - to start cooking, to cook more, to try new things. It's the best.
What I will mention is that, while I haven't been here this week - I have been other places, in the form of guest posting. I've done guest posts before, but the month of January has brought more than usual. Honestly, I'm happy to do them and I'm quite flattered that people ask me. So - as a token of my gratitude I thought I'd share them with you here.
Two of the many lovely ladies I met at the Blogshop workshop I did last Fall asked me to guest post for them - both posts are part of a new series each of them have recently begun. First, was Ranu at Sunshine Girl - who's series is called, "Q&A with...". I love reading interview posts and getting turned on to new blog finds, so I'm really enjoying them.
Second, was on a blog called, Running in Heels - written by Emily. Her series is called, "What She Wears" - in which she asks bloggers to share their style. This was a new area for me, but as you know I love making design boards - so I was excited to participate.
Last, but not least, I guest posted this week on a food blog, called Savor the Thyme. I met Jennifer quite awhile back, at the first Fridgidaire/Save the Children event I attended. Her guest series is called "10 Things You Didn't Know About Me" - which features fun interviews and delicious recipes from many of my favorite food bloggers. Needless to say, I was quite happy to participate! The day I met her, I added her blog to my reader feed where I've been enjoying it ever since.
So - I've told you about some of the places I've been this week. Now, I must tell you how you need to make yourself one of these ridiculously tasty margaritas this weekend - or now works too. I know it took awhile for me to get to this important part...especially after the week I've had. But does one really need an entire blog post dedicated to the mixing of a cocktail? I doubt it. But if you do, there should be plenty of info here to help you.
You may remember that I recently posted a link to a gorgeous looking 'Blood Orange Margarita' in one of my Food Blog Love posts. Ever since I saw it, the desire to make one has consumed me. Problem was, I didn't have any blood oranges. Then, when I decided to hunt some down during my next trip to the market - they were pathetically dry and shriveled looking. Defeated, I decided to make another version using Florida juice oranges...which I just so happened to have a massive 25 lb. box of.
I consider myself to be a very good margarita mixer and have made many different types over the years. One thing is always a constant and that is - Patrón tequila. Along with with the good tequila you must also have some sort of orange liqueur. Mostly, I use Cointreau {pricey!}...other times Triple Sec {when money's tight}....and once in a blue moon {usually because it's all I have laying around} I'll use Grand Marnier.

In this particular instance I actually recommend you use Grand Marnier. I find it tends to be sweeter than the other orange liqueur options and I also find the orange flavor to be more intense. For this reason, it's not my favorite option when making a traditional margarita, because it tends to compete with the lime. Here, since the citrus being used is orange, it was the perfect compliment.
However, part of the fun of mixing cocktails is experimentation. Definitely try making one {and that's all I recommend - just one!} with whatever you have on hand.
What makes this margarita special is the fresh squeezed orange juice, which is not what I would have ever thought to make one with - but it is so good.
If you love margaritas as much as I do - be sure to check out this post for Traditional Margaritas...and another one of my favorites - Watermelon Margaritas

Fresh Orange Margarita

Adapted from Blood Orange Margarita by White on Rice Couple
Makes one {strong} cocktail
While I am sure this recipe would be equally delicious using blood oranges - I opted to use fresh Florida juice oranges because they're in season at the moment and I just so happened to have a 25 lb. box of them laying around {don't ask}. As with any drink recipe, this can be easily adapted to suit your taste. I chose to use
Grand Marnier, which is a liqueur containing a blend of cognacs and bitter orange essence - it works very well with the fresh orange juice. Because oranges are sweeter than limes and Grand Marnier is sweet as well, I found these didn't need any added sweetener. But if you find you'd like them a bit sweeter you could add in some simple syrup, or agave nectar.
3 ounces freshly squeezed orange juice
2 ounces
Patrón Silver tequila
1 ounce Grand Marnier
orange wedge & coarse sea salt, for optional garnish

Pour some coarse sea salt onto a plate. Rub a wedge of orange around the rim of a lowball glass {or a drinking glass of your choice} and dip into the salt. Add the orange juice, both liquors and a few ice cubes to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Add a few ice cubes to your prepared glass, strain in the contents of the shaker and serve.
Click here for the printable recipe.


Anonymous said...

I love all your guest posts. So great to get to know you better. And the margaritas look delish!

Jayne said...

This sounds devine! This is my first visit to your blog and -wow, I love so many recipes!

The Full Plate Blog said...

loved reading your guest posts-- though I STILL cannot believe we haven't overlapped and debriefed on all of this live! and i think we're on the same wavelength this weekend...gearing up for an evening of margaritas, I am about to whip up a batch of my cinnamon-chocolate brownies to bring along to a "fiesta" dinner party. if I can get my act together, maybe I'll bring the fixings for a batch of these margaritas too. that would definitely make me the "world's best guest"!!!

Laurie {Simply Scratch} said...

Oooooh wow! I can only imagine how amazing these are! I'm bookmarking to try ASAP!!

Anonymous said...

Those oranges look so luscious and juicy - great shot. And I'm just about to turn in for the night but now fancy an orange margarita like crazy!

Renee {The Way to My Family's Heart} said...

I am so making these for an afternoon cocktail today! With oranges straight from the tree. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Joanne said...

Of all the citrus in all the world...I've never thought to put an orange in a margarita! All other citrus fruits, yes. but oranges...what have I been waiting for! Love these photos. The colors really pop.

SkinnyMommy said...

We have all been sick here so I can relate--A fresh orange maragrita sounds like the perfect panacea ;)

Emily said...

Thanks again for the awesome guest post! I could definitely use this orange margarita after this week.. i will be making it tonight!

katie said...

@eila - agreed! we need to meet in person soon!
@emily - you're very welcome - thank you for asking me!
thanks to everyone else for the sweet comments! ;)

Elizabeth said...

I want this now -- it looks amazing! Cheers!

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