Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Weekend //

You won't hear me complaining when we get at least a dozen snowstorms in one winter - as we did last year.  I love the snow.  I love snow days.  I love sledding and then coming inside and drinking hot cocoa [or a hot toddy].  But this year we've had only one...and that one doesn't technically count because it wasn't even winter when it happened.  It was Halloween.  We had some rainy days last week, torrential at times - if only it had been colder we would have had a nice dumping of the white stuff.  Maybe someday soon...
Here are some of my favorite food finds from around the web this week - Hope you enjoy them and that you all have a lovely long weekend! 
{1.} swedish meatballs | dinner with julie {2.} blood orange margaritas | white on rice couple {3.} texas chicken tortilla soup | confections of a foodie bride {4.} edamame salad | the creative salad {5.} chimichurri steak fajitas | simply scratch {6.} hazelnut cherry muesli | the kitchn - loving their new site design too! {7.} apple-cinnamon swirled ice cream with pie crust sprinkles | hungry girl por vida 
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Laurie {Simply Scratch} said...

The temps have been in the high 40's and currently we have only an inch of snow MAYBE here in Michigan. It's so strange {but I'll take it!}!

Thanks for the Link Love! XO!

kelley chapman said...

girl, this year i have been jonesing for a hot toddy...but cannot find a yummy you have a recipe to share? would love to try it if you do. HUGS.

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