Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone is having a fun-filled Halloween! For those folks living in the path of the recent Nor'easter here in New England, I hope you're electricity and heat are back on.
For us, we made it through without losing power. I was very happy, as we have a small co-op electric company in our neighborhood and we're usually the first to lose power.
Many others were not so lucky. In my town alone 5,700 households lost power...on a day when temperatures were frigid! Because of the this, along with downed trees all over the place, school was canceled today. Which ordinarily would have been cause for celebration. But, today there were all sorts of fun activities planned at school - the annual Halloween parade and classroom parties - all were cancelled along with school...a major bummer!

Then late this afternoon our Mayor announced that Halloween had been postponed until Saturday night. Are you kidding me? How does one cancel [or postpone] Halloween? My kids were in tears.
But, we decided to flip our porch light on...have the candy ready...and suit up for Trick or Treating anyway and take our chances that others would be doing the same. I understand that some neighborhoods are still without power, and that downed power lines are a real hazard. But, our neighborhood was safe, so we went. Good thing too because it was the best year yet! My boys made out like bandits.
[This year, Bozo #1 was Pac-Man and #2 was a Ninja! The Scream characters are the boys who live across the street. Fun times!]
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Laurie {Simply Scratch} said...

I'd do the same thing! Happy Halloween!

Susanna Carrillo said...

Big WOW to all the posts with new fangled photoshop doo dads...LOVING IT!

Joanne said...

Postponing Halloween?!?!? I've never heard of such a thing! I'm glad you guys forged ahead! The boys look great!

katie said...

Glad you like it Susanna! You're next!

katie said...

Thanks Laurie + Joanne :)

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