Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Save the Children/Frigidaire Event

Yesterday, my kids & I spent the afternoon in NYC, where we were lucky enough to be part of a great event benefiting Save the Children. The event was sponsored by Frigidaire, along with their ambassador for the "Make Time for Change" campaign, actress, Jennifer Garner. Their efforts raise funds for Save the Children's CHANGE program {Creating Healthy, Active & Nurturing Growing-up Environments}.
As of yesterday, when you visit & set a place at the virtual kids' table, Frigidaire will donate $1 to support Save the Children's work helping children in need, within the US, as part of their $500,000 commitment to this worthy cause.
First, the kids were served lunch...along with the grown-ups too! They really enjoyed the healthy spin on some typical kids' foods. "Real" chicken strips, coated with a fresh herb breadcrumb mixture, grilled cheese & lively fresh veggie kebabs...featuring tomatoes, green beans & purple carrots! The buffet for the adults was equally amazing.

Then, in keeping with the "setting the virtual kids table" idea...the kids got a chance to decorate some ceramic plates, with the folks from Make Meaning, in NYC. The plates were dried & sent home with us, where their designs will be baked on permanently.
We also received some VIP day passes for a future visit to Make Meaning, along with a "make at home kit", with all the supplies they need to make another ceramic piece of art. The place looks awesome & we will definitely be checking it out!

Finally, my children, along with the handful of other kids involved in this event, packed 900 nutritious snack boxes...filled with healthy snacks for needy kids in Kentucky. They really enjoyed helping out & felt great doing it.
Of course, it helped that they had Jennifer Garner there encouraging them! She was so sweet to them & I think they are officially star struck.

One regret I have is not bringing my camera...I wrongly assumed there wouldn't be any allowed. All of these images, with the exception of the one above, which I received from the professional photographer covering the event, were taken on my iPhone. So, not the greatest quality shots...but, better than nothing!

To top off an already great day, I got to meet a bunch of fellow blogging moms and walked away with a gift bag with goodies from Williams Sonoma. So, I give a big Thank You to my sponsor, FoodBuzz, along with Frigidaire for including us!
I hope you will take the time to support this great campaign & help ensure that kids across the country have access to healthy foods this holiday season & all year do so, click here!


Winnie said...

Great recap! It was lovely to meet you and I have some cute pics of you and your boys I'll be emailing momentarily ;)

katie said...

Thanks Winnie!! It was great meeting you as well!

Julia said...

Fabulous! Looks like a great event.... and I don't know if I've ever told you about my obsession with Jennifer Garner, but I love her! Very cool day and great pics.

Joanne said...

Awesome event and what a GREAT cause! I'm definitely going to look into how I can contribute to this!

The Food Hound said...

It's amazing what kinds of things many kids DON'T have access to, isn't it?? Great event, great cause! And I'm impressed you got them to eat purple carrots!! :)

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