Friday, March 6, 2009

Mabel's Labels

As I was sticking a Mabel's label on the 5th lunchbox I've purchased this school year, I thought I should share where I got them.
I bought mine 4 years ago during a fundraiser at our nursery school. I love them! They stick to anything...sippys, bottles, snack containers, sports name it. I bought a pack for each of the Bozos & it proved a great investment, because they have lasted this long & saved us lots on lost stuff.

They make lots of different kinds. Like these no-iron clothing labels, stationery & labels for household items.

And, no, we don't lose our lunchboxes...thanks to Mabel. The Bozos just beat the tar out of them. Next, will be the lunchbox that lasts. When I find one.


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