Monday, March 16, 2009

Kitchen Tool of the Week...

A Good Knife

Everyone knows that you need a good chef's knife, right?
Well, I am surprised how many kitchens I have been to, that are lacking in the good knife department. Which is why this is another kitchen item that travels with me.
I actually own 3 quality chef's knives. The one pictured is the knife I use the most. It is a Global G-7 Oriental DEBA. I love this knife.
However, it does have one down side...and that is the handle. It can get a bit uncomfortable when using it for long projects.
For anything that requires lots of chopping, I use my old, trusty J.A. Henckels 8" Chef Knife. The model I own is no longer being made. But, I think anything they make is probably a safe bet.

Keeping your blade sharp is important. Most kitchen accidents occur when using a dull knife. Most sharpening steels, that you can purchase for the home, are designed to re-align the blade, rather than actually sharpen it. So, periodic knife sharpening is recommended.
I have mine sharpened at a local butcher who offers free knife sharpening to their customers. But, you could look online for a service near you. Or, find some great tips here.

My brother recently purchased a knife set for my Pops. They are made by Messermeister. I had an opportunity to use them this summer while vacationing with him.
And, I will say that a new knife from them is in my future.


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