Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Today we finally finished the last of our cookies! I made nearly 500 this year.
The whole process can be stressful at times. But, it's a family affair. The Bozos have fun helping. DH helped out with the package assembling & lots of dirty well as all the taste testing!

Finding the right boxes proves to be a challenge year after year. The boxes have to be the right size & depth. Something that is not always easy to come by in a craft or baking supply store.
This year, I found mine here.
I have to give them a shout out, because I love them! They have boxes, and any gift packaging you could imagine. The quality is well as the prices.

Throw in a description of the cookies, a gift label & a bow...ready to go!
Who wouldn't love to receive a gift like this?


Anonymous said...

Lovely...but take off the photo that has your last name on it (the one with the tag), or photoshop it out...

Hope you have a great holiday, see you in the new year!



katie said...


LMBrown said...

The tag says to the Browns, is that your neighbor Browns or the Oregon Browns? Just wondering...They look beautiful as always :)

Anonymous said...

There are no words!!!

katie said...

They are my neighbors. I am not going anywhere near a P.O. right now!
But, if I can get a box to make it back with Em, I will :)

LMBrown said...

Don't worry about it Kate, I'm just joking! Plus Em will probably eat them before they got to me!They look great!

mamalizza said...

o.m.g. you are an inspiration!i'm sure you're making a lot of folks very, very happy!

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