Monday, December 8, 2008

Tree Chopping

Yesterday was our 3rd annual *Tree Trimming* Party. We call it a Tree Trimming because originally we planned on going to cut down our own tree with some close friends & family. Then return back to our house for some spiked cider & grub...where we would decorate the tree.
But, so far that has not happened. We barely managed to get the tree in the stand last night...Let alone decorate it.
So, as of next year, it's a *Tree Chopping* Party!

We go to Maple Row Tree Farm, in Easton, CT.
We lucked out with snow this year!

Tree Chopping over &

Party Time!


Xmastime said...

FREAKIN bummed i couldnt make it yesterday :(

mamalizza said...

you missed out man! it was gorgeous and the food was amazing as always! :)

plus i have a new nickname for dh - dark and stormy!

Anonymous said...

We did the exact same thing at the exact same place...on Saturday. So I have the exact same pics, minus the snow :)

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