Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holiday Gifts

Here are a few favorite gifts I received this holiday...
a. Barefoot Contessa's NEW cookbook! I just love her cooking...it's beyond words. It was actually a pre-holiday gift from my Pop. Thanks Pop! I can't wait to cook something from it.

b. A set of organic cotton flour sack dish towels with Parsley on them! Love them! Thanks Sarah!

c. The Nintendo DS game, Cooking Mama. It is super addictive! But, I won't have much time with it, since the Bozos like it as much as I do. Santa brought this in my stocking.

d. Another great cookbook...this one is from Martha Stewart & it is a collection of all her cookie recipes from over the years. Many of which I use during the holidays. It's a paperback & has amazing color photos.
I received this from my MIL. Thanks Gammy!


Anonymous said...

you're welcome, sweetie.

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