Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pastry Platter

I made this dessert platter for a Bridal Shower this weekend. Making desserts is my favorite thing.
It was my first time making some of the items & I think they came out pretty tasty.


mamalizza said...

hey- i know that dessert platter! damn right it was tasty. i ate so many i made myself sick. was that dark chocolate on the strawberries? yum. and i don't even like key lime pie but i loved those squares. a dessert platter miracle!

Anonymous said...

The photos of the bridal shower tray are beautiful! Would love to know what the chocolate item is? They look like they are piped through a decorating bag, possibly? Beautiful!

katie said...

I realize this answer is a few yrs late, but I thought I'd respond anyway in case anyone else is wondering ;)
The chocolate desserts are Sarah Bernhardt cookies and yes, they are made using a pastry bag. They're not the easiest thing to make, but maybe I'll blog them here one day.

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