Monday, March 10, 2014

7 months

Sophia 7 months
My chunky little cherub is 7 months old! Oh my...where has the time gone? I have first hand experience with just how quickly time flies when you're raising kids now that I have a twelve year old and an almost ten year old, but this third time around is moving at warp speed...and I just want it to slow down!
I remember with my boys, I was always anxiously awaiting the next milestone. When they could sit up, I couldn't wait for them to crawl. When they crawled, I couldn't wait for them to walk. When they could walk, I couldn't wait for them to talk. Then one day I opened my eyes and my round little boys were long and tall, and suddenly acting like mini grown-ups. I regretted all the rushing to the next milestone I did, and longed for the days when they'd sleep in between my husband and I, waking us up on a Sunday morning demanding to be cuddled.
I recently had a conversation with my sister, who's in the throws of that stage now - wondering if she'll ever have her bed to herself, but also enjoying the closeness she has with her girls. I told her that it had been years since my boys came crawling into our bed in the middle of the night. Years. Realizing that, in that moment, was so heartbreaking to me. You can't get that time back, but how blessed am I to get to start all over? It's like I've been granted the opportunity to hit the reset button and I'm loving every minute of it!
People are always asking me what it's like to "start over". To have to go back to diapers, sleepless nights, bottle washing, hauling around twenty tons of crap. They seem to expect me to be exasperated at having to give up my freedom again, after only recently getting it back in many ways. But I couldn't be more happy about it. Of course, it helps that my baby is simply the most perfect, happy and delightful baby that ever lived, but even at the rough moments, I couldn't be happier. At seven months old, Sophia is still not crawling yet, and I'm totally okay with that!


TheHappyStamper said...

Katie, she's adorable! Oh my gosh, how do you get anything done? I'd be wanting to cuddle and play with that little doll all the time! Yes, time does go by so quickly, my babies are 32, 28 and 22. You are wise to savor it this time around.

Hugs from Josie in Texas!

mollymell said...

She such a gorgeous & adorable baby :)

Parsley is Awesome said...

OmG! She is a doll. We have a 7 month old too and we need to get some pictures!

Greta said...

Oh my goodness- I love those big round eyes! What a sweet little girl- congratulations!

Unknown said...

She is soooooo cute!

Lynn said...

So gorgeous....and for those eyelashes!!!! :-D

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