Monday, November 25, 2013

4 months

Sophia // 4 months old
Now that we've left the "fourth trimester" phase, Sophia is a completely different baby. She's super alert, so so close to sitting up on her own, smiling, "talking" like crazy, and the biggest change of all...she's awake almost all the time! Gone are the early days when she slept almost as many hours as she was awake. Also gone is any semblance of free time for Mommy. There have been days when that reality is challenging, especially when there's so much I wish I could do, but when I face the cold hard facts, and practice acceptance, I can handle it. I just keep telling myself it's useless to fight it. I need to sit back and enjoy every moment with this baby while she's still a baby. Everything else will have to can wait.
But will you look at this baby? I can hardly complain! She's an angel, and so soft and cuddly and mushy and...oh my god, I can't take it. She easily receives about a thousand kisses a day, and that's just from me! Whenever I look at her, I just stare, and wonder how I got so lucky.


Unknown said...

God! She is so freaking gorgeous!

zozo said...

She's absolutely perfect looking! Seriously, a model baby haha
atelier zozo

Lauren Brown said...

She is so beautiful Katie! And yes, soak in every moment! XOXO

Janie said...

She is so cute...precious. My new granddaughter is 5 1/2 months now and she is such a joy. Enjoy it! It goes so fast.

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