Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some Things I Just Love...

Birchbox has been cycling around the Internet long enough now that I'm fairly certain most of you have already heard of this service. But if not, do you partake? Because if the answer is no, you should really consider giving it a try. Well, that is, if you're anything like me and have an obsession with beauty products.
May 2013 Birchbox Contents
The way the service works is, for $10 a month, you get a cute little box filled with an array of the latest and greatest beauty product samples, shipped right to your door {the price includes everything, even shipping}. When you open up an account, you have to wait for an invite. Once you're invited and all set up, you can fill out a questionnaire in your account section, with information about what sort of products you like and use most. For instance, if you're not a perfume wearing kind of person, you can opt not to receive perfume samples. Or, if you have thick, fizzy hair, you won't receive volumizing hair products, but instead you'll get moisturizing and frizz-busting stuff.
I can't tell you how many amazing products I've been turned on to since I've started getting my monthly Birchbox. Every time I see a package from them in my mailbox, I get all excited. It's like Christmas every month. The items they pick are so well curated that there's really never been a product I didn't love. Below is the breakdown on some of the products I received in a recent box.
May 2013 Birchbox Goodies
June 2013 Birchbox Contents
Originally, I planned on only sharing the contents of one month's box. But then the next month's arrived with equally fabulous goodies, so I thought I'd share those too! The Davine's LOVE hair products are amazing! They're pink...and smell like freshly picked flowers. I was so bummed when I ran out of my samples, but Birchbox also sells all the products they showcase, so if you fall in love with something, you can always purchase more. I also wore the neon peachy color nail polish all summer long...and still have some to spare.
How many times have you bought something you expected to be the next best beauty product in your regime, only to try it out and find that it didn't live up to the advertising? That's what I love so much about Birchbox. You can try before you buy. So, even though I spend $10 a month on samples, I'm actually saving money by avoiding wasted purchases. Enjoy your first Birchbox if you decide to take the plunge!
June 2013 Birchbox Goodies


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