Monday, August 22, 2011

Some Things I Just Love...

I've always been a sucker for linen. There's something about the soft, crinkly texture of the fabric that I love. I also love that every linen item I've ever owned and used it a favorite shirt, a beach bag, or a kitchen towel...has just gotten better with age.
When it come to kitchen linens, I have a bit of a problem. My stash has grown so that it no longer fits, neatly folded in a kitchen drawer and now calls a basket on the counter home. It's important to me that we use cloth napkins, and towels in our home..not only for the environmental impact using paper napkins takes on our planet. But, also because they work better, and they look, washing and folding linens is a great intro course in "how-to-do-laundry" for the wee ones.
My collection of kitchen linens comes from all over the towels passed down from my grandmother, embroidered napkins I've purchased at estate sales, vintage well-worn pieces on Ebay, and gifts from friends and family over the years. More recently, it's been handmade, sustainable linens found on Etsy.

{from NEW YORK} The first shop...which, I've recently become obsessed called Small Batch Productions. The owner of the shop, Claire, designs and hand sews each and every item herself. All of her pieces are made from sustainable, all- natural linen...or, a blend of cotton/hemp. They are incredibly well-made, and will withstand the test of time...but, when the time comes all her designs are compostable.
Pictured above: {a.} dish towel in citron. I love the color of this would brighten up any kitchen. {b.} grey recycled hemp/organic cotton apron...featuring 2 patch pockets & removable/adjustable ties {c.} light grey/aubergine check cafe apron...I own this apron and love it more and more every time I use it! {d.} gingham check dish towel...I love the classic look of this gingham fabric.
Claire has been generous enough to offer a 15% off coupon code to my readers this week! The coupon code, "parsley" can be used starting today, and is valid through Sunday August 28th. I highly recommend taking advantage of this great discount to get yourself something {or multiple items} from her shop!
Aside from the typical uses of cooking, or creating art...the deep, double patch pockets on the aprons are perfect for carrying tools while working on home improvement projects. I've also been using my apron while watering the garden, as it's perfect for keeping my garden snips, or pruner handy...and the short length makes it very easy to work in.

{from CALIFORNIA} The second shop I'd love to share with you is called Linea Carta. I am equally obsessed with this shop, which is owned by Diva. Like Claire, she designs, sews and prints all of her products using sustainable materials. Her shop is chock full of all sorts of amazing finds...from wishing bracelets {a favorite of mine} to stationery. But, today I'm focusing on her linens.
Pictured above: {a.} ladybug napkins...people close to me know how much I love ladybugs! I have a set of coasters in the same print. {b.} hearts napkin...this was the first item I purchased from Linea Carta. It's made an appearance in several of my posts, including this recent one. {c.} geo makeup bag. Even though this isn't a kitchen item, I couldn't resist including it. It's a recent addition to the shop and I love it! {d.} fern napkin...I can just imagine how pretty a table set with these napkins would look.
Diva is also generously offering up a 15% off coupon code for my readers this week! The coupon code, "parsley" can be used starting today, and is valid through Sunday August 28th. Be sure to take a look at all the beautifully made items available at Linea Carta...even if you're not in the market for kitchen linens, there are loads of other finds!
Supporting small businesses is important to me. I prefer buying items from shops like these any day over mass produced products. The simple beauty of these linens aside, they are amazingly well made. I love seeing them in my kitchen, or at our dinner table and I hope you do to! So tell you share my love of kitchen linens? What are some of your favorites?


Culinary School: Three Semesters of Life, Learning, and Loss of Blood said...

What gorgeous aprons. Alas, I am too hard on my kitchen linen to make these practical. My loss.

Dishy said...

I could not agree more. I love love love linens. Only wish I could keep them longer before they start to spring holes. But even then they get a second life w/ one of our pets! Another beautiful post, Parsley. :)

Kathleen Richardson said...

I decided last year that I needed an apron, but didn't like the prices in local stores, so I made one. Then another, and another. Have a stack of them now. All made from colorful uniforms and skirts found in a thrift shop. I'm going to do a major search now for some linen clothing to recycle.

Emily Marquardt said...

I'm going to order the cafe apron for myself. I wonder if I commission her to make a child size for Sadie too. Love it!

Susanna Carrillo said...

I love this post!!! The aprons are the best!
Your zucchini cakes look SO SO you think I can make with pumpkin blossoms??? We have so many growing in our compost pile!

katie said...

Susanna -
I've actually wondered myself about trying other kinds of flowers...from cucumbers, or pumpkins, etc. But, I haven't yet. Honestly, I'm not sure how it would work. If you do try them let me know how it works out!

Em -
I would send a message to Claire on Etsy. She probably could do that...and, SK would look so cute in one!

Momof2xy2xx said...

I think that you should check out Linea Carta in person. It's in Berkeley which is only about 20 minutes away! Would love to have you!

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