Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Things I Just Love...

I'm a huge fan of beauty products, yet many days the most you'll see me wearing is mascara {if that}. This certainly doesn't stop me from buying it! During the summer months, I love that very little is needed. On occasions when I do go out, or get a sudden desire to get gussied up, these are the products I use and love...
{a.} I picked up some of this unbelievably fabulous smelling bronzing shimmer oil while on vacation. It gives your skin a sun-kissed glow and even tone. I love that its organic and can be used on your face, body and even hair! {b.} Some may think that a fair-skinned redhead doesn't have to deal with the summer battle against hairiness. Well, think again. This battery-operated water-proof razor/trimmer is a dream. It's been my friend for many years. {c.} My sister left this lip gloss at my house over a year ago...and let's just say she never got it back. I am typically not a fan of the texture of lip gloss {I'm more of a lip balm girl}. But, this moisture rich lip gloss by Smashbox has changed my ways. It's shiny, but not too shiny and is completely non-greasy. It gives your lips a perfect pink tint...a pink that would look good on anyone. {d.} This is my go-to nail color for summer. Jelly Apple by Essie is the best color I've ever found for complimenting fair skin tone. Although, I think it would look good on just about anyone. {e.} Nars blush in Orgasm is probably the most well-known and beloved blush out there...the reason being, it's the perfect shade for everyone. The same color comes in a multiple stick, which can be used on eyes, cheeks, or lips. It has a bit of sparkle added, which makes it perfect for summer skin. {f.} MCMC frangrances makes amazing scents using natural ingredients. I'm not much of a perfume wearer in the summer...but I do love their Garden perfume oil. To me, it smells like summer...and if you're like me and like to try before you buy, they sell sample sets! {g.} You could stop me anywhere, look in my purse and find this Mini Nail Rescue Kit from Tweezerman. It's tiny, has everything you need to resolve any nail dilemma, and {in typical Tweezerman fashion} works great. {h.} COOLA makes {by far} the best suncare products around. I discovered this brand recently and wonder how I ever managed without it. I use their sport sunscreen on the whole family, but my favorite is their tinted moisturizer mineral sunblock. Because it's a mineral based product, it has a very smooth finish, without any heaviness, or oiliness. It also gives enough coverage that you can use it as your summer foundation {with nothing else needed}.
So, tell me...what are your favorite summer beauty products?? I love hearing what other people use! :)


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