Sunday, July 3, 2011

Big Sky

This is my second installment of vacation photos. I think you'll see why I'm calling it Big Sky. Even though Montana is known as Big Sky Country, I've been to both states and the landscape in Wyoming is very similar to it's Northern neighbor. Growing up, and still living in New England, I can appreciate the skyline of Jackson. Here in Connecticut, you just don't get this vast uninterrupted horizon. It's truly breathtaking.

All of these photos were taken at the ranch where my brother and his family live. Along with owning and operating Creekside Market & Deli, he also manages the ranch. He's a very busy person, but had some afternoons free to hang with us.

One of the highlights for my guys were the tractor rides.

They also enjoyed fishing and taking canoe rides in the tributary on the ranch property. The Snake River is a short hike through the woods. We didn't go there on this trip, but we have on others.

The rest of these photos are some of the fun times we had that day...

{Note: Some of these photos are courtesy of DH}


Kathleen Byron said...

Such GREAT pics, Katie! Wish you were all still here!!!

dh said...

you mean MOST of these pics were taken by DH

dh said...

The Picture Thief.......!

katie said...

Very funny.

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