Friday, March 12, 2010

Some Things I Just Love....

Some things I have & love. Some things I want!

a. I loved our Meri Meri robot Valentine's this year. I have been familiar with the company for years, after working in the stationery business. They have always had great stuff. But, it seems they just get better & better. Their line of party supplies is amazing! Specifically, the cupcake decorations. I love so many of them, it was hard to choose an image. But, the mermaids won me over.

b. I still have some of last years herbs alive in my kitchen. Many of them, however, did not make it. I hate to see them die every fall. Many of my perennial herbs are so big, that they could now be considered shrubs. I am determined to try & dry some up this year. I love these jars & when I saw them, it reminded me that I should start with my bay plant.

c. I am not a huge fan of stoneware plates, etc., because they chip so easily! But, I love this set Fleur De Lys dinnerware from Anthropologie. I have the bowls & I am testing them out to see if they'll hold up to this family's abuse.

d. I love this image. These biodegradable paper straws would be perfect for a kid's birthday party. I love the retro, pixie-stick look of them.

e. I love, love, love this bathroom! Bright, simple, white. Love it! Our bathroom is in desperate need of an overhaul {I'm really not kidding, folks}. We have a dragon claw tub & I love the way the shelving around the tub in this bathroom solves the lack of storage space issue that comes with having one.

f. Moo Chocolates for Kids. Love them. So good & not just for kids! This local company makes chocolate bars filled with kid's favorites...graham crackers, rice crisps, granola & corn flakes.


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