Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kitchen Tool of the Week...

...Measuring tools.
Everyone knows you need measuring tools in your kitchen. If you cook anything at all, you probably already own some. These are some of my favorites...

a. A good set of measuring spoons is a must. Like the dry measuring cups, I have a quality set of stainless steel ones. Having a few sets is even better.

b. For liquids, I love these new silicone measuring cups. The fact that they are flexible has come in handy many times. Especially, when baking & pouring ingredients into a stand mixer.
I also have the classic Pyrex variety as well.

c. I also have this set. Which, I bought because they are so cute. But, I like having 2 sets around, for when I have to do large cooking jobs. Plus, these also double as great prep bowls.

d. I invested in a quality set of measuring cups. These are made of stainless steel & will not rust, or warp over time.

e. I love this mini measuring cup from OXO. I probably use this more than anything else. It's perfect for measuring small oil, vinegar, etc.


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