Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kitchen Tool of the Week...

I understand that technically these are not tools, but ingredients.
However, I have come to learn, with lots of practice in the kitchen, that these two ingredients are the key to good food & therefore, to me, they are tools.
You can pretty much season anything properly & have it come out delicious.

Kosher Salt
When cooking, I use Kosher salt...in particular, Diamond Crystal brand. Kosher salt is flaky & can be crumbled between your fingers over food. Which is why it's stored it in a salt box & not a grinder. It is less salty than table, or sea salt. So, when cooking with it, you need to add a bit more than the others.

Freshly Ground Black Pepper
I have yet to find the perfect pepper grinder. Otherwise, I would link to one. I have a feeling I need to spend a bit to get a great one.
However, pepper is the sister component & it's essential to fantastic tasting food.

If you look at the recipes of many famous cookbook authors, you will see that seasoning generously with salt & freshly ground pepper is a common thread. Try it. I promise it will change the way your food tastes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,

Here's is one of the best pepper recipes. You might give it a whirl.

1 cup black peppercorns
1 cup white
1/4 c. coriander
1/8 c. allspice

It can be frozen, too!

Enjoy, Beth

Alexish said...

The best pepper grinder I have ever owned is this one by OXO. They have a sister salt grinder which is also amazing. It has an easy to use dial for fine to coarse with 4 settings and stands with the business side up so you don't get salt and pepper everywhere. they are also lightweight and easy to use. while not the prettiest one out there, it is just awesome.


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