Monday, May 4, 2009

Bozo Picture of the Week...

Okay. I have been slacking on the "of the Week..." stuff. I was hesitant to involve the "weekly" part, because it just creates another commitment I have to keep up with. One that I am not sure I can always keep.
But, I will continue...hoping that all of you out there will forgive my slip ups.

We went into a amazing store in Eugene, Oregon, called Luxe. LOVESIT!! I was completely inspired after visiting & would love to, someday, open a store like it.
The Bozos went in, armed with allowance money & Bozo #1 picked up a pack of assorted mustaches.


Leslie said...

Mom said Max looks 18 in this photo. She gets a big kick out of your blog.

katie said...

good! i hope she is doing well & recovering quickly! tell her we all say hello :)
he does look 18. except maybe for the missing bottom tooth!

Christel Marie said...

Hi Katie
I love what you are doing here full force ahead, do you think you will have time to see me before I leave for Dubai next month I would love to catch up with you. Say hi to your lovely family for me.



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