Monday, September 1, 2008

Mt. Tom State Park

On Labor Day the family and I took a hike up at Mt. Tom State Park in Litchfield, Connecticut. I went there a bunch of times as a kid & have very fond memories of our trips there.

Now that they are both old enough to make the hike, it was time to take the Bozos for their first trip.

It is actually a pretty easy, short hike. But, it is steep in parts (for kids).

Mima came with us too.

The best part about it is the old tower at the top.

Max and I ran up to beat everyone.

You can see Massachusetts, New York, and most of Connecticut from up top. If we had waited a few weeks more we would have had the best view of fall in New England.

After the walk down, the Bozos were rewarded with a swim in the spring fed pond at the bottom.

I can't wait for my sibs to see this...
memory lane.


Emily said...

Wow. I remember that so well. Not just the tower, but the rocks on the path and the view. I don't remember the lake. What's up with that Pop? No reward for us after hiking:)

LMBrown said...

Did you tell them the story of the kid with blue hair?? Did you see remains of the old house with just the chimney standing?
Love the pics...great memories!

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