Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Squash Salad

At a recent visit to my Pop's house for dinner, he made a very delicious summer salad for us. I asked him for the recipe & he told me where I could find it .

Then, this past Sunday the family & I visited the new Farmer's Market over at Fodor Farm. It's a local community garden, which I wrote about today, as a guest blogger, on Fairfield County Child.

They happened to have most of the ingredients I needed for the salad.

Some zucchini and yellow summer squash,

some red scallions,
(Which I rarely ever see, much less ones that look like this. If you cannot find red scallions, you can use regular ones)

and some sweet peas.

You'll need about a pound of fresh peas.

Which you need to shell,

into a bowl.

Then you need to bring a small saucepan of salted water to a boil,

and blanch the peas for about 2 minutes,

and drain.

Next, take 2 red scallions,

clean them up,

and thinly slice them.

Put them in a bowl with the blanched peas.

Next, take the zucchini & squash,

and thinly slice them.

Put them in the bowl.

Then you'll need some fresh basil. Which, I could have picked up at the market, but didn't since I had some growing here.

You only need about a tablespoon of minced basil, but I used a bit more. Add that to the bowl.

Next up...some feta cheese.

About 2 ounces,

crumbled into the bowl.

Then add 3 tablespoons of olive oil,

the juice of half a lemon, some salt and pepper.

Then mix and serve.


meg said...

thanks for the guest post. i love it! :)

mamalizza said...

what kind of camera do you have? your pix are fantabulous!

Lauren said...

I just made this, and it is DELICIOUS. I added cherry tom's and left the snap peas in their shell because the peas I was getting out of them were puny...but it was still great! Thanks for this one!!

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