Monday, July 14, 2008

Moo Cards

I just discovered this site & I am so thrilled about it! It's a printing website, where you can buy greeting cards, note cards, stickers...

and even these cute mini business cards.

All using your own images, or ones they have available on the sight. You can upload logos, digital images, or scans of your kids artwork...or your own. The creative possibilities are endless.
There are plenty of photo developing companies out there that will make a bunch of note cards for you from a photo. But, how many allow you to upload up to sixteen photographs & order assorted sets?

The best part is that the prices are extremely reasonable.

Love this.


Anonymous said...

cute cards.

West Bremerton florist

LMBrown said...

this is right up you alley. i cant wait to see what you will do!

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