Thursday, September 26, 2013

2 Months

Sophia 8 weeks
I've been dying to update you on how big {and precious} my sweet Sophia has gotten! I can't believe it's already been two months since she was born. It seems like only yesterday that I was waddling around all puffy and swollen...and very pregnant. During the first few weeks of post-partum life, there were times when I wished I was still pregnant {hard to believe, considering how much I cursed the July heat those last few weeks}. But adjusting to life with a newborn again, after nine years, was quite a challenge initially. She lost a whole pound her first two weeks in the world...and for anyone who's had a child and remembers this part, by two weeks old they're supposed to be at their birth weight again, not a pound less!
You see, I'm nursing her, just like I did my two boys, and the process didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped. My milk was slow to come in, and she ended up needing to be supplemented with formula. I was encouraged to pump after her feedings to build up my supply, which meant I had about a half hour of non-feeding related activities every 3-4 hours, or so. I was existing purely as a milk factory. I was drained physically, recovering from her birth, and to add fuel to the fire, my emotions were in a hormonal upheaval. On top of all that, I had my two boys, who were about to begin a new year of school, and who needed me to function as their mother as well.But that first month is mostly all a blur now. Sophia is in the acceptance phase of her transition from warm, floaty, bubble-land to loud, harsh world. She's learning to go with the flow, and every little disruption isn't something that jolts her into a frenzied fit of tears. My bozos are both in school all day, and we've all developed a routine. Best of all, she's stolen her brother's hearts and wrapped them around her long fingers. They are as smitten with her as her parents are and it's a joy to watch. In the past few weeks, she's begun holding her head up on her own, her eyes can focus on you without going all googly eyed, she's started making little cooing noises, and when she does her mouth forms into the sweetest little determined pout. But her best developmental milestone to date? She's smiled. It was at that moment when I began forgetting about those first few weeks of sleep deprived torment. And would you look at those blue eyes?
{Because of this routine we've been developing, I've actually had some time to cook! A recipe post will be coming your way in a few days...}


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful! I know sometimes breastfeeding can be trick and hard, but don't give up! I found it much easier now with my second child (the first I had to supplement also). Anyway, but I did it till my son was 14 months. And that is my goal now. Wishing you the best!

katie said...

@QuiQui - I came so close to giving up this time around, but I didn't. Now that things have gotten easier, I'm so grateful I stuck it out!

Lauren Brown said...

Great job on the BFing. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Sophia looks so big and healthy and even a little chunky! LOVE! She is so beautiful, Katie. Nice job! XOXO

Laurie {Simply Scratch} said...

Sophia is such a beautiful baby! Those eyes! That skin! ...what a blessing!

Sally - My Custard Pie said...

Bravo in getting a post up. And thanks for sharing. Captivated by those eyes.

Melia said...

Amazing. What a gorgeous girl. It almost looks like she is wearing blush! Congrats!

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