Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some Things I Just Love...

If there's one thing I have a hard time resisting it's office supplies - the cuter, cooler, or more well-designed, the better. My boys can vouch for that fact after a recent trip to Staples, when I made them behave for practically an hour straight while I poked around the Martha Stewart collection. I now have lots of practical organizational tools awaiting my sweet little Bozos return to school...which is when I'll finally have some time to put them to use.
Needless to say, doing a Back to School edition of STIJL is fun, fun! My boys could care less about my fancy new desk accessories, or calendars, but they sure do love some Back to School supply shopping.
top:  a.| poketo pens  b.| geometry notebooks  c.| squirrel tape holder  d.| refillable mini eraser  e.| patchwork washi tape  f.| colored pencils  g.| bright yellow pushpins  h.| storage bin lap desk
bottom:  a.| animal bookmarks  b.| wean green tempered glass containers  c.| wonder, by r.j. palacio  d.| star pencil case  e.| colorful paper clips  f.| alphabet lunch bag  g.| a pen that fits inside a notebook h.| insulated container


Anna Linjection said...

Back-to-school shopping is my favorite kind of shopping! I love washi tape also!

Kari Lindsay said...

I am so going shopping at Staples. Super cute office supplies. Thanks.

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