Saturday, February 11, 2012

Happy Weekend //

I have lots of link love to spread this week.  There are so many good looking Valentine's Day goodies out in food blog land at the was seriously difficult to stop myself where I did! I'm hoping to join in the fun with a decadent treat to share here as well - that's if things go as planned the next few days {which unfortunately doesn't seem to happen much}.  I'm also helping my boys put the finishing touches on their Valentine's cards and will be sharing what we did and how we did it - I think you're really going to like them!
Do you have anything romantic or fun planned for the 14th?  I don't - yet.  Mostly because I've never been one for going out on Love Day.  Why go crazy trying to get a reservation, only to sit in a packed restaurant?  I'd much rather do something romantic at home and save the trip out to dinner for another night.  As an early treat to myself I got a mani/pedi this week - for the first time since probably the end of summer.  Boy, did I need it.  My new favorite red - which also happens to be a perfect Valentine's Day color, is Russian Roulette.  It looks great on fair-skinned gals, so if you're like me and happen to be a little 'glow in the dark' during the winter months, give it a try!
Whatever you have planned, or don't have planned - I hope you have a nice time!  Meanwhile, take a look at these fantastic looking posts from around the Web this week...
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You have no idea how many of these I just pinned. Love.

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