Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm Back...

We arrived home from our long weekend trip to Lake Placid, NY very, very late on Saturday night.  I didn't want to sound too pessimistic going into the tournament - but I did have a fairly strong feeling my son's hockey team wouldn't do so well this year.  There were more teams vying for the medals in his bracket and the skill level of our opponents was more advanced this time around.  In the end, they lost all their games - 3 out of the 4 total games by only one goal each! - and were eliminated early from the tournament.  It was a bummer to be so close yet lose by so little but the trip was well worth it for both my boys.  We stayed at the lovely Crowne Plaza in Lake Placid and during the free hours between games the boys played in the hallways with their friends, had yummy meals at some of the fantastic restaurants in the area and really enjoyed the team dinner...which took place at a sports bar/restaurant complete with a pool table, dance floor, DJ, fog machine and strobe lights!  It was probably the most fun my boys have ever had in their lives. 
Once home, I enjoyed spending time with my sister from Oregon, who was in town to see a performance of the Nutcracker - in which our younger sister was the lead role!  It was a special day and my sister was breathtaking as Clara.  Her performance was perfect in every way and I shed many a prideful tear while watching her.  Great job Olivia!
All in all life has been very busy the last week!  But - I'm back in the saddle here and hope to get some blog updates up soon [like taking down the Thanksgiving side dish links that are still featured in the side column!].
{Photo: my little guy wearing my sunglasses to protect his eyes after getting caught in a very windy snow shower on our way to a game...he's too cool, right?}


Winnie said...

Sounds like life's been a whirlwind, and yes...he's too cool ;)

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