Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Weekend //

I neglected to get last week's link love post up by the weekend.  I was busy working on other projects, getting ready for the upcoming holiday and battling a very bad chest cold, complete with the worst case of laryngitis I've ever had. I'm still sick but well enough to get back to work - and I really have no choice as DH is away on a business trip and Thanksgiving is a day away!
I also won't be posting any link lovin' this Friday either as it's the "day after" and I'm pretty sure I'll be in a deep food indulgence coma...along with most of you out there.  Plus, will anyone really want to look at food that day?  I didn't think so.
Instead of skipping the posts all together, I am combining both weeks - in a double food blog link love whammy!  This edition is - like last week's - Thanksgiving food centric.  Hopefully it will provide anyone out there needing last minute recipe inspiration some assistance.

There are loads of great Thanksgiving Food Guides out there right now.  Some of my favorites are provided by Saveur magazine, Epicurious, and Bon Appétit.

I also love some of the round-ups on fellow food blogs - such as The Bitten Word and How Sweet it Is.  The food website Food52 also just released their Holiday Recipe & Survival Guide iPad app - which looks very handy!

The website Pasplore has an amazing Thanksgiving mosaic with over 750 recipe ideas - including several from The Parsley Thief! [You can use the "search" bar to find them]

This Chocolate Chess Pie from Merry Gourmet looks so rich and creamy...and delicious!

My sister loves Green Bean Casserole.  When I saw this post from The Bitten Word I meant to forward it on to her, but never got to it.  Here you go Em!

Taking a classic Thanksgiving casserole and rolling it out into a Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Biscuit?  From Smitten Kitchen, of course!

For the jellied cranberry sauce in a can lovers out there who wish they could make their own at home, without all the added junk - check out this "Canned" Cranberry Sauce from Food in Jars.

I'm a huge fan of brussels sprouts and fennel - so this Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cream & Aleppo Pepper from Healthy Green Kitchen sounds amazing to me!

Finally - if you're looking for some Thanksgiving recipes here you can check out last year's round-up, or find links to several of my seasonal favorites in the side column under the header "Thanksgiving Recipes"

Happy Cooking!!

{photo: finding Danish butter cookies at Whole Foods recently took me back to my childhood - my grandmother used to buy these all the time and I would enjoy them with her after school while we drank tea.  Miss you every day Grandma}


Marisa said...

Thanks for including my "canned" cranberry sauce in your round-up!

FiveYardRadius said...

We used to have those cookies at my grandmother's too. Such fond memories. Now my mom buys them and my kids love them. Thanks for the reminder.

LMBrown said...

I want to run out and get those cookies now! I love food that brings back childhood memories. Thanks for the great ideas!

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