Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bozo Picture of the Week...

This post isn't just about pictures of my Bozos. It's also not just about the ridiculously cute 7 week old puppy in the pictures either. It's about spring clothes!
If you're like me & have young boys, you may be able to relate to the frustration I have with finding cute, but also cool clothing for them! Sure, when you have girls you don't have this problem...there's a plethora of choices available. Not always the case with boys!

I have two, in the past I never had to worry about finding clothing for my younger son, because he always gets the hand-me-downs. But, as my guys get older, they trash their clothes way faster than they used to.
I also like to get my little guy a few new pieces every season, so it's not always second hand stuff. The past few seasons, I've been getting him his clothes at Tea Collection. I love their collection for boys!

Of course, their girl clothing is ridiculously cute too...just ask both my sisters, who are obsessed with the line!
My little guy is modeling some of his new duds in this little photo shoot we did. He has a recent obsession with snakes, so I knew he would love his new snake t-shirt.

He's been wearing them constantly & already got loads of compliments at school...especially on his cool embroidered shirt. My personal favorite is the super soft & cozy cut-off cord shorts...I love corduroy!

And, as far as the insanely...ridiculously...cute puppy?!

He's Jackson...and, he's my mother's new baby! Luckily for us, she only lives a few blocks away, so we get to visit with him all the time!


Sarah said...

Gah! Adorable (the kiddo and the puppy!).

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