Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Things I Just Love...

I'm back at you with some things I love finds....It's been a long while, I know. After the blog re-design, I had to work out some kinks in order to get things to look the way I wanted. Hopefully, I can keep this up as a weekly, or somewhat weekly piece {we all know my "weekly" stuff doesn't pan out that way}.

a. It seems websites dedicated to making cutesy kids lunches are everywhere. Yet, most of the time, these said lunches are either so involved that the average person could never pull them off, or they contain weird foods my kids wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole.
But, when I saw this image, from the website, Another Lunch, I thought...hey, I could pull that one off! Plus, all the foods she uses are kid friendly. Don't know that I'll ever feel adventurous enough, at 7am, to actually do it. But, now I've got my inspiration if I decide to.

b. When I saw these retro refrigerator bowls, I could hardly contain myself. Of course, I ordered some! I am a huge fan of retro glass products. I especially love retro juice glasses...which, I happen to have loads of, because the 92 yr. old woman we bought our home from left a trunk full of them in our basement. The sweet patterns on these remind me of the glasses we have.

c. I am loving this new iPhone app, called Paper Town Friends. It's a paper "dress-up" game & is the brainchild of Robin Rosenthal, a Brooklyn mom & former art director @ Martha Stewart Kids magazine {I used to love that magazine}. All of the images are handmade entirely from paper! So simple a concept, yet executed brilliantly.
Though my Bozos will probably never admit to their friends that they play it...they love it!

d. I could spend hours a day & go broke browsing through the pages of Etsy. I love these confetti paper garlands. They're available in 20 different colors & would be perfect for a birthday party. Better yet, they are durable enough to be used over & over...some are even made from recycled materials.

e. When we de-designed our kitchen, I thought I would never have to worry about storage space again. Yet, I struggle to find a place to store vegetables that shouldn't be refrigerated...potatoes, onions, squash, etc.
This time of year, when the veggies from the garden are all ready to harvest at once, it would also be nice to have a place to keep everything. I love this storage chest made just for the purpose. I could think of a dozen other uses for it too!

f. I saw these amazing illustrations drawn on plastic zip top bags & thought...this is something I could do with the giant rainbow pack of Sharpie's I couldn't resist buying! Obviously, not very practical for the one use bag. But, what about the bags you use over & store tiny kids toys, toiletries for travel, office supplies, etc.
I think it would be cool to let the kids decorate their own & keep their special stuff in them.


Susanna Carrillo said...

i love all the things that you love :)
that paper town friends is brilliant!
thank you!

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